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Design Thinking

A long time ago when I was young, whenever I would draw something or create something...I would try my best to make sure that the piece I made stayed intact. I would take hairspray and use it as a cheap fixative to make sure that it would not fade. A lot of the times I would record my ideas on paper and keep them somewhere safe. I always thought in the same way that makes computers great. Non-destructive and permanent.

I was also really protective of my ideas as well. If I had a really good idea I didn't want to share it with anyone. I suppose in essence this is one of my biggest characteristic of selfish behavior. I dislike sharing my ideas so much. I was always afraid of someone will take it, blatantly use it or butcher it. Its narcissistic to a large degree. However after working on design things for several weeks now I started thinking that idea needs to go. 

I don't mean completely but I mean for the most part yes. I would still avoid sharing brainstorms, conceptual ideas because when those are give away you pretty much give up the rights to your project.

But I realize that I shouldnt be so afraid anymore. People who blatantly plagiarize perhaps do this so often that eventually it will catch up to them. They will not produce quality work and will stay where they are and will never be able to get anywhere. And its sometimes funny...or at least somewhat funny when they do a bad job of reusing your work. You can also make an example of them on the internet...

Worked well for a lot of designers I have encountered that have been ripped off.

Glad I have found an answer to something that has been bothering me for a very very long time.



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